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About Uddeshhya

How it all started ?

On 4th Oct 2010 Uddeshhya was founded by some highly motivated students of K.I.E.T to provide a helping hand to deprived individuals. K.I.E.T is not just a technical institution , but also a place where we work for the upliftment of society.

Any individual who is willing to bring change at the grass root level can join us. We believe in that person who can come out of his comfort zone and will put his energy for the betterment of the society. We provide a platform where you can meet like-minded people so that we can work together for the socio-economic upliftment of our nation.

The goal of Uddeshhya is not just to help the underpriviledged but also make the youth aware and sensitive towards the society. Uddeshhya welcomes people regardless of their background, profession, age, religion or gender identity, what is required is dedication and a sense of responsibility for the cause.

Uddeshhya is a registered society of K.I.E.T guided by the former Dean S.W Prof Ashok Dua and Additional Director Prof. Gajendra Singh.Other faculty members and distingued members of K.I.E.T administration support Uddeshhya in every possible way time to time.

We don’t believe that a piece of paper can serve as a souvier of your efforts in the upliftment of the society. As Pablo Picasso said “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. ” What can be a better certificate than being the reason of someone else’s happiness.

Uddeshhya envisage for a society where everyone lives with basic necessities and help students of the institute into person who understands that happiness lies in sharing and living for others.

• The stage was set and the eyes were waiting. The amazing dance performance and stunts performed by the kids mesmerized the audience and kept them cheering throughout.

• Team Uddeshhya presented a mime performance on lost childhood depicting the spectrum of stages of how an innocent childhood is lost. The mime was watched with utmost patience and was praised by the audience.

• A new chapter was started to the village school project yesterday as we successfully adopted one more school. Primary Government School Asalatnagar, Muradnagar is the new address of our happiness and their joys.

K.I.E.T is very supportive to team Uddeshhya and provide every form of help to its various projects. However to maintain an autonomy every team member do some nominal contribution as funding to Uddeshhya.

We welcome other institutes willing to start Uddeshhya in their college. We will provide every possible help and guidance to institutes to start Uddeshhya under our banner.